How to sell more effectively

By Jason Bell / June 26, 2018

In this video, I go over common situations that arise in a selling environment: > Objections> Proper way to frame a meeting.> Mistakes a lot of consultants make that cause mistrust with your prospects.> How to eliminate prospects from posturing and rushing you.> Effective ways to sell that increase your likely hood of closing sales.  Enjoy 🙂 -Jason

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What do I charge for my services?

By Jason Bell / June 14, 2018

Pricing: the most common question we routinely receive on our end. -What do I charge? -Is ___ price too much or too low? -How do I properly price my services? This video give you a breakdown on how to properly price your services. Feel free to share if you get value.  *The video rendered with a squeaky audio in some […]

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I’m sure you’ve heard about GDPR, a European privacy law (GDPR) will go into effect on May 25, 2018. Over the last 6 weeks we’ve been working hard on this end to put the proper measures in place to ensure our software platform is in compliance, so you have a secure and safe place for you […]

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[Part3] Internal marketing for profit

Let’s get right to it! The past two days i’ve revealed to you the ‘blue ocean’ service you can and should be selling immediately – INTERNAL MARKETING. You should now know the core benefits of why internal marketing works and why it’s a perfect fit for any service you provide. It just makes sense. If you are not caught […]

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How to do internal marketing the right way

Howdy! Jason here, and this is part 2 of leveraging a ‘blue ocean’ strategy to land local clients. If you missed yesterday’s email, make sure to view PART 1 HERE before continuing.  A QUICK RECAP I revealed one of the most neglected areas that local businesses rarely focus on, in addition to consultants as a means for growth. Internal marketing, also known as […]

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Inside My Local Agency

Ongoing Communication My Local Agency: This is our local brand. This is the platform we share ALL info local. Blogs, interviews, video, etc.. We’ll share a lot of our local content on WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: We send a weekly newsletter on info about new blog posts, educational info, software updates, what’s working now, etc.. We […]

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