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Prospect Reach – Simplification of Sendgrid Email tracking setup

By Jason Bell / May 7, 2024

Setting up Sendgrid’s Email Reply Tracking in Prospectreach has never been easier.With the simplified process of adding the MX record in your domain settings, tracking email responses and engagement becomes more accessible and straightforward.We now have a tutorial which will guide you through the setup process, ensuring that you can leverage this valuable feature effectively […]

[ProspectReach] GBP Scraper Tool

By Jason Bell / April 8, 2024

We’ve implemented the ability to scrape Google Business Profiles within the Lead search result page.With the introduction of the GBP Scraper Tool, you now have the ability to filter lead results based on GBP Website Availability, providing you with valuable insights into businesses using Google Business Profile Websites. This feature enables you to target specific businesses […]

Prospect Reach – Login Timeout

By Jason Bell / March 26, 2024

As part of our commitment to enhancing security measures, a login timeout feature has been added to Prospectreach. This additional layer of security allows you to choose whether to stay logged in by remembering your credentials, providing you with greater control over your account security. By implementing this login timeout feature, we aim to enhance […]

[Prospect Reach] How to Use the Lead Module

By Jason Bell / January 24, 2023

Welcome to Tech Tuesday. Today we are going to dive into How to Use the Lead Module in Prospect Reach.  The leads module is a feature inside of  prospect reach software. This is a lead scraping tool that can in finding businesses in a certain city or state that may be looking for your services. […]

[Prospect Reach] How Notification Emails Work

By Jason Bell / September 27, 2022

Welcome to My Local Agency’s Blog! This tutorial will go through How Notification Emails Work in Prospect Reach.  Notification emails are used when you want to notify someone or yourself when a prospect replies or when a prosepct opens an email you send out in your campaigns. Let’s go through how to to set up […]

[Prospect Reach] How Custom Fields Work

By Jason Bell / August 16, 2022

Welcome to My Local Agency’s Blog! This tutorial will go through how custom fields work. Custom Fields are used to send out emails where you might need to use a field that holds some kind of value for a contact.   Let’s go through how to set up your custom fields:   Step 1: You […]

How to Integrate Contact Reach into Prospect Reach

By Jason Bell / July 12, 2022

Welcome to My Local Agency’s Blog! This tutorial is about integrating your Contact Reach account with Prospect Reach After setting this up you’ll be able to add contacts from your Prospect Reach campaign directly into any Contact Reach campaign.   Step 1: To start login to your Prospect Reach account   Step 2:  From your […]

[Prospect Reach] How Signature Templates Work

By Jason Bell / June 7, 2022

Welcome to My Local Agency’s Blog! Today we are going to go over how Signature Templates work in Prospect Reach.   Signature Templates are used to append information at the end of all of your prospecting emails that you send out. Any campaigns you send out this is what is used at the end of […]

[Prospect Reach] How to Set Up Your Campaign

By Jason Bell / May 3, 2022

Hello and welcome to My Local Agency’s Blog! Today we are going to go over setting up your campaign in Prospect Reach.   Before we get started with your campaign, make sure you have everything set up and ready in your platform. Check out our blog on “How to get your platform setup fast in […]

[Prospect Reach] How to get your platform set up fast

By Jason Bell / April 13, 2022

Welcome to My Local Agency’s Blog! Today I want to share with you How to Get Your Platform Setup Fast in Prospect Reach! This tutorial will be super helpful with setting up your platform in the Prospect Reach software. *If you have not purchased Prospect Reach, no worries, check out this amazing lead scraper and automated […]

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