[Contact Reach] How to get the Answers to Form Custom Fields

To get the subscribers' answers to custom fields in your campaign form, you can use Lead Notifications. Lead notifications are messages that you can set up so that when a lead or customer subscribes to your campaign, whether via form or text, the software will send you (or your client) an SMS, Email, or both to notify you about the subscription. You can customize the message all you want. For example, you can include the subscribers' names, email, and phone. And n relation to this article, you can include the answers they've provided to custom fields in the form.

First, you need to create global custom fields inside the software Settings. Global custom fields can be set up the same as campaign-specific custom fields though the difference is that global custom fields can be used and enabled on all campaigns. (Basically, you can also set them up as campaign-specific custom fields but the global custom field route would be quicker)

And, as what this article is all about, global custom field responses can be inserted as merge codes in email templates.

For example, let's say we have these 3 questions/custom fields on our form:

Then we can set up an email template inside the campaign's properties (campaign actions menu > Campaign Properties). Once you're inside campaign properties, open up the Notification Settings (where the lead and inbox notifications are located).

Now before anything else, make sure that the Full lead notification is enabled (set to Yes).

Next, go to the Lead Notification Email part and click New to create a new email template on the spot.

Then, in the Email Text Box, open up the Personalize dropdown menu as that's where the merge codes for the custom fields can be selected.

Scroll down until you find the custom fields section and there you can find the merge codes for the global custom fields that you set up in Settings. For example, below are the fields that were set up here a while ago in Settings > Custom Fields.

You can insert those codes into the email body and the recipient (whether it's you or your client) will receive an email containing the answers to those custom fields. You'll also want to place the merge code for the subscriber's name, phone, and email to filter out the answers for each subscriber.

Now, before saving the changes, make sure that you've placed the recipient's email address in the Email field.

After all those changes are done, make sure to hit Save at the bottom of the section.