[Contact Reach] How to Set Up Client Emails

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Today we are going to go over how to create emails that you can send to your clients whenever they sign up for a new account, when they cancel etc. inside Contact Reach.


First you will need to log in to your Contact Reach software.


Step 1: Go to settings


Step 2: Select the Email Settings tab


Step 3: 

Scroll down and you will notice that under the “Client Emailing” section you’ll see some different fields here to set up the emails.

These are all emails that you can set up.


Step 4: let’s go through the emails you can set up.


  • Business Register Email

This is an email that would go out whenever they sign up for a new account

  • Payment Received Email 

This is an email that would go out whenever they receive a payment

  • Account Low Email

Whenever they get down to 10 SMS credits left this email will go out

  • Account Suspended

Whenever there account is suspended this email will go out


Step 5: 

For each one of these you can create your own Subject line (blue).

You can either pick one of your emails you’ve saved under your dashboard under “Emails” or you can create a new email

You can create a new email by selecting the “New” button next to whichever email type you wish to send.


Next we are going to create the email.


Step 6: 

Here you will create the “template name” 


Step 7: Next you can create the content for your email.

Here you can personalize the message to include : first name & login info.


For example, if you were sending an email to a new account you can send them a message like this:


All % options can be found in the “personalize” drop down


Step 8:

Click Save inside the email builder


Step 9: 

Click Save inside the Client Emailing section


Follow Steps 5-9 for all email types!

And you are all set.


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