[Contact Reach] How to Set Up Packages

By Jason Bell / September 20, 2022

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This tutorial will go through How to set up packages in Contact Reach.

Packages are used by your clients.

When a client signs up they will sign up under a package – think of it as a set of services.

Let’s go over how you can create your own custom package.


Step 1: 

Select the “Packages” tab in the dashboard options.


Step 2: 

Select the “Create New” button.

Step 3:

You will be directed to create your package.

On this page you will create a name for your package

For this example we gave our package the name Gold.


Step 4: 

Next you will give your package a description.

For this example we said “Includes 50 texts” 


Step 5: 

Next you can edit the trial details of the package.

Here you can enable the trial section or not.

To enable check the box marked “Yes” then enter the amount of days they would receive a trial, the amount of SMS on the trail and the amount of free contacts they would receive with the trial


Step 6: 

Next you can enable the discount upgrade section.

You can do this by selecting the check box for both “Enable discount upgrade” and “Enable annual upgrade”. You will then need to enter a % amount for each upgrade.



Step 7: 

Next you will enter the prices and details for your package.

In the “profit calculation” section you will add:

  • Your Base Package Price (for example 50) 
  • Your Cost Per SMS (for example .007)
  • Your Charge (rate) per SMS (for example .04)
  • The SMS amount included in the package (for example 50)
  • The contacts included in the package (for example 50)
  • Your cost per contact (for example .007) 
  • Your charge per contact (for example .01) 

With these the calculator will for you your analytics for your package and the amount you can expect to profit from your package.


Step 8: 

Make sure to check the Yes box next to “Is Published” to publish your package and click the “Save Package” button.


Step 9:

Your package is now live. You can now manually add a contact with the green link button or copy the link and send it to someone to sign up.

You can edit your package with the blue edit button. Delete with the red delete button and duplicate with the purple duplicate button.


You have now set up your package!


We hope this tutorial has given you all the insight you need and if you need any assistance during this process please reach out to our support team HERE.

*Please allow 24-48 hrs for response time

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