[Coupon Reach] How to Set Up a Client Portal

By Jason Bell / July 19, 2022

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This tutorial will show you how to set up the client portal in Coupon reach. 

The client portal is used to give access to your clients so they can redeem coupons at the counter using their own portal

This is useful if your clients want to have full authority in redeeming coupons instead of subscribers clicking on the redeem button.


Let’s get started!

Step 1: 

The client portal is located under settings


Step 2: 

Once you have clicked the “Client Portal” tab you will be directed to the “Client Portal List” 

Click on the “+New Client” button to start creating your clients portal.


Step 3: 

You will now be directed to create the client portal. 

Start by adding a name, an email address to login and a password

Then you can choose a background image.

You can choose to use a color, upload an image or use an image url. 


Step 4:

Next you will add the redeem button text, the profile image and portal logo.

Click “save “.


Step 5:

After saving the client portal the next step is to choose a campaign(s) that the client portal will have access to.

These campaigns will allow the client to get access for redeeming the coupons.

Click on the action menu to assign the campaigns.


Step 6:

Click the “Assign Campaigns” option


Step 7:

Next you can choose to assign multiple campaigns or just one campaign.


Step 8:

The campaigns column will list down the campaigns assigned to the client portal


Step 9:

The clients can now login to the client portal by entering the login info you have created.


Step 10:

Once inside they will be directed to their dashboard.

There are two tabs that will allow the client to redeem a coupon “Redeem coupon manually” by the phone number or name or “redeem coupon code”


We hope this tutorial has given you insight on the client portal and how to set it up! 

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