[Coupon Reach] How to Create a Thank You Page

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This tutorial will go over how to create a thank you page in Coupon Reach.

A thank you page is the page a subscriber is redirected to after redeeming a coupon.

Let’s dive into the tutorial

Step 1: 

To start click on the “Pages” tab from you coupon reach dashboard.


Step 2: 

Click the blue button labeled “New Page”


Step 3: 

Creating a page is divided into two steps. (a.) & (b.)

a. The first step is the info and layout of your page. 

Here you will do the following:

  • Add a name to your page
  • Choose the page body (image or color)
  • Choose the page background (image or color)

The page body is the whole area of the page where the page background is where the content or elements of you page will be placed.

b. In the second step is where you will add elements to your page. 

Elements are used as objects representing mostly media types.

Lets go over the elements:

  • Headline – The headline is the title or subject of your page. Here you can add the main information of the page. For example “Your Coupon is Redeemed!”


  • Page Content – The page content element is where you would add more detail to your page.


  • Image/Video – With this element you can add your logo or a video to your page.


  • Redeem Button – You can add a button to your page that will allow someone to redeem the offer on the page.

  • Offers – In this section you can add your offers to your page.


  • Social Media – With this element you can add your social handles.


  • Separator – The separator element can be used to add space between your other elements.


  • Countdown timer – If you want a countdown for your offers on the page or countdown for the page.


  • Google Map Directions – Here you can add your directions if there is a location the redeemer needs to get to.

Step 4:

Click “Submit” and your Thank You page is complete.

You can now edit your page, delete your page, view your page, clone your page and view your redemptions.


You now know how to set up your thank you page for your Coupon Reach software. 

We hope this tutorial has given you all the insight you need and if you need any assistance during this process please reach out to our support team HERE.

*Please allow 24-48 hrs for response time


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