I mentioned to you about having a way to  reach more prospects, get more appointments, and land more clients

 I want to briefly talk to you about that. 

What if you could automate cold email outreach, automate finding prospects to contact Automate your prospecting campaigns with DFY campaign sequences…Would that be valuable? 

Of course it would!

 Think about it…you will have access to and all in one place for your start to finish sales process: how to send email campaigns, handle replies, sell your service.

Imagine having a full calendar of prospects to always talk to.

Imagine the time it would save you from manually looking prospects. 

I know you invested in the birthday formula to land clients on a consistent basis. 

The birthday formula is an outstanding product! 

However, If we’re anything alike, you’re always looking for quicker/faster/better solutions to help you achieve your goals faster. 

In fact, because you’re a BIRTHDAY STUDENT, we’re gonna hook you up with a special deal!

With that said, I’m so excited to introduce to you a way you can find prospects faster, reach out to them quicker, all at the push of a button! 

If this sounds interesting: 

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