How to do internal marketing the right way


Jason here, and this is part 2 of leveraging a ‘blue ocean’ strategy

to land local clients. If you missed yesterday’s email, make sure to

view PART 1 HERE before continuing.


I revealed one of the most neglected areas that local

businesses rarely focus on, in addition to consultants

as a means for growth. Internal marketing, also

known as database marketing.


> Why internal marketing.

> The criteria to look for, so you can get paid quicker

> The most common mistakes consultants make attempting to provide this service.

> Example niches, so you understand how to get paid delivering this simple service.


So, why internal marketing?

Because it’s the easiest and fastest way to guarantee a business results.

So, the first secret to getting more clients is understanding that business owners want RESULTS.

The obvious question you may have is:

1-How do you generate results for business owners?

2-How do you manage their expectations?

I’m a simple guy, so I tend to keep things simple. If you break down how a business typically generates more revenue, it boils down to three core areas. These three areas I call the profit levers of growth.

3 Ways To Improve Business

  1. Charge more: Increase prices

  2. Get more: Get *new customers. This is typically done through advertising.

  3. Sell more: This appeals to getting ‘existing’ customers to come back more often.

If you think about it, most local businesses only focus on generating new customers as their growth engine. However, generating new customers is not the lowest hanging opportunity to grow their business.

The easiest opportunity is to increase customer frequency. Meaning, to get existing customers to come back more often. If you think about it, it just makes sense. If a business can get a regular that comes in 1x a month in 2x per month, they’ve just doubled sales. I know it will never work out that perfect, but conceptually this should make sense.

Why Getting Customers To Come More Often Is A Good Move

  • Marketing Metrics state that the chances of selling to new customers are 5-20%, whereas with existing customers it reaches 60-70% – Gartner

  • It is generally recognized that acquiring new customers costs between 4-to-6 times more than to get existing customers back again.” – Gartner

  • Repeat customers generated three to seven times more revenue per visit. – Adobe

  • Compared to first-time shoppers, repeat customers are 9 times more likely to convert. – Adobe

BOTTOMLINE: Marketing to existing customers is ALWAYS profitable. The concept is principle-based, and it just makes sense.

What Every Business Understands

  1. What business do you know that does not want customers to spend more and come more often?

  2. What business do you know that does not value repeat customers?

I know, these appear to be loaded questions. My point is for you to understand the simplicity of what we’re doing, so you can confidently get clients with ease. Every business wants customers to come more often and spend money with them, and they ALL value repeat business.

It’s important you understand this simple fundamental concept because increasing customer frequency is the building block on how you will unlock unlimited local clients.


If you want to get paid long-term (not a few months), then make sure you follow these qualifiers:

1-RECENCY: The business must have customers that come back often. Once every 5 years is not recent. 1-2X per month is recent.

2-REPEAT: The business must have the ability to have repeat customers. Meaning, although a fence company could use database marketing, most customers will not need another fence for at least 5+ years. However, a dry-cleaner has embedded ‘repeat-ness’ because a customer could get their closed cleaned multiple times per month. Make sense?

3-UPSELL/CROSS SELL OPPORTUNITIES: Some industries may not fit the criteria of extreme recency and repeat business for their ‘main product/service’, but if the business sells other products/services that compliment the core product, then internal marketing will work.   


> CARPET CLEANER: They can put their customers on a 90 day follow up sequence and automatically remind them of their next cleaning, instead of hoping the customer will call back.

> RESTAURANT: They can build a database of their existing customers and send flash offers as a mechanism to get customers to come in and spend more.

> CHIROPRACTOR: Although their customer may come in 1x per month for and adjustment, they may sell side services such as massage/health & nutrition, etc.. They can leverage their client database to drive more sales.

Bottomline, no matter the niche, marketing to

a businesses existing customers is ALWAYS a win.


I know you have questions, so please stick with me.

Most consultants that attempt to provide this service go wrong in the following areas:

1- Limited: They use limited channels to reach customers, such as email. Simply having an ‘email’ service that gets no use helps nobody. There’s a special way you have to build and engage the list. (more on this soon)

2- Wrong niches: Not following the above criteria will stop your success and ability to get paid. Your money will be short-lived

3- In-congruent tools: Most that attempt this end up burning out and have a non scalable service that requires too much work. Why? Because all the systems you use must talk with each other.   


You  need 3 key components to deliver outstanding results

  1. SMS: Text message marketing

  2. EMAIL: Ability to send emails to customers

  3. TRACKABLE COUPONS: You need a system that builds and tracks mobile optimized coupons


All three of these systems must be in ‘sync’ with each other

in order for this type of marketing to work properly.

when you have these elements in place,

you can flat out become a rockstar for businesses.


It becomes super simple to collect $197-$497 recurring checks from businesses,

because you can consistently and predictably deliver results.


I’m sure you have questions such as:

1-How do I deliver the service?

2-How do I sync all the tools needed to deliver this service?

3-What are the best niches to go after?

Stay tuned because tomorrow i’m revealing it all.

I’ll share with you….

    • The approach and specific niches to go after

    • How to deliver the service step-by-step, so you can get paid

    • Real examples on why clients will pay for this service and what these campaigns look like.

Talk soon. I hope you’ve enjoyed this read 🙂

Tomorrow let’s get you closer to getting paid!


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