How to Integrate Contact Reach into Prospect Reach

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This tutorial is about integrating your Contact Reach account with Prospect Reach

After setting this up you’ll be able to add contacts from your Prospect Reach campaign directly into any Contact Reach campaign.


Step 1:

To start login to your Prospect Reach account


Step 2: 

From your dashboard click on “settings”.


Step 3:

Under API Keys button click the contact reach tab.

Click on “get your contact reach API key” to open Contact Reach.


Step 4:

Once you click “Get your Contact Reach API Key” it should automatically open the contact reach API key section.

Make sure to view the API key‘s first by clicking on eye icon before coping the key.


Step 5:

Paste the API key in your prospect reach account and click save.


Step 6:

To see how this all works go to your campaigns and create a new one.


Step 7:

Add a name to your campaign and choose the email sender


Step 8:

In the second part of the campaign builder there is an option to add contacts into contact reach 


Step 9: 

Check the “add contacts to contact reach” square.

Once checked it will show the trigger options. 


Step 10: 

All triggers can be enabled at the same time and each trigger can be set with a campaign or one of your clients campaigns


Step 11: 

In this example all contacts who open the email will be forwarded to both of the selected campaigns


Step 12:

It is the same scenario for both “Click” and “Reply” triggers.

If a contact clicks on a link inside the email or sends a reply to the email the contact will be forwarded to the selected campaigns


Step 13: 

All email content in any campaign has its own option to forward a contact into contact reach

this means that every email gives you an option to forward a contact into multiple different campaigns!


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial!



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