[Prospect Reach] How to Scrape Leads & Add to Groups

By Jason Bell / October 12, 2021

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Lack of clients is usually due to a lack of prospects to talk to.

Normally you would search everywhere for prospects.

The process is effective, but it takes a LONG time.



Prospect Reach allows you to immediately reach out to hundreds of potential clients.


Today we are going to dive into how to scrape leads and add to groups in Prospect Reach.


First let’s go over contacts. 

The contacts tab will house individuals contact information in the system.

These are your leads or prospects.


When you create your campaign (email sequence) your contacts will need to be in a group. 

A group is a combination of individual contacts. 


Now that we know about contacts and groups lets go through scraping leads.


Step 1:

Click “Leads” tab in your Prospect Reach dashboard.

Lead scraping is basically matching your keyword and location with businesses and compiling a list of contacts from that search.


Step 2: 

Start a “New Lead Search”

Here you will input a Keyword and a City. 

For example “restaurants” and “Greenville SC”


Be mindful of your search because there is no way to reverse a search.

If you put in a keyword and a city a credit will be deducted when you click search.


Step 3: 

Click “Search” and give it a few minutes to compile a list from your search.


Step 4: 

You will see the list will show in your recent history once uploaded.

Here you can click the link button and have access to the full list.


If you click the link button you can have access to the full list where you can:

  • Print
  • Export in a Excel document
  • Export in a CSV document
  • Export in a PDF document
  • Export in a Facebook Audience
  • Export in a Google Audience


Step 5: 

Next you will click “Import” on your leads list.


Step 6: 

A pop up will appear to add your leads to a group. 


Here you can select a pre existing group. 


You can also create a new group. 

If you select a new group you will need to name your group and click “Save”



Step 7: 

Once you have selected your group or created a new group you will click “Save” and will be directed to a pop up with “Success”. 


Step 8: 

Where is the group now?

You can go to the “Groups” tab on your dashboard and your new group or imported contacts will be there.




You have scraped leads and created a group from those leads.

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