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> MEMBERSHIP + SOFTWARE REVOKED: Upon cancellation, your membership access is revoked and access to your softwares ($300/m value) will be  deleted (all current info, campaign, demo accounts, and settings).

> YOU'LL PAY MORE: You’ll no longer be able to re-join at  the special lifetime discounted rate you were provided as a founding MLAM member. Our current rate for MLAM is $197/m and $497 enrollment fee.


  1. Contactreach
  2. Prospectreach
  3. Birthday club coupon software
  4. ROI calculator software
  5. Appointment Reminder

To proceed with cancelling, CLICK the  BUTTON below.

OPTION 2: Light Plan

1-LIGHT ACCOUNT (Contactreach Only]: You  pay only $10.00 per month to maintain software access to Contactreach.  We also have light plans for Prospectreach & Contactreach combined. This will give you access to the platform to use with 7 clients (light account). This way, your settings and account  would remain as you left it, and you would be back up and running just as when you left.

2-THE BENEFITS: You can lock in your existing rate upon re-joining. You won’t pay our current $197/m, So the light allows you to still use platform, no deletion of account,  & lock in your existing rate upon re-joining.

To proceed with the light plan, CLICK the GREEN BUTTON below.

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