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How to build and sell a comprehensive high dollar marketing program for restaurants that produces amazing results.

  • EFFECTIVE PROSPECTING METHODS: How prospect and get clients with ‘multiple entry approaches’ that get instant attention. *we go deep on a handful of highly effective methods that get immediate attention from businesses.
  • THE SERVICES: How to properly provide the four pillar services ALL restaurants need that get outstanding results: reputation, social, vip marketing, and Facebook coupon marketing.
  • CHARGE HIGH FEES: How to easily sell the comprehensive high dollar service ($1000+) with confidence. I go over the step by step presentation framework- exactly what to say & how to position it.
  • THE PROPOSAL: The exact proposal and implementation plan you need to give restaurant owners assurance, so you can make money fast.
  • PRICING & PACKAGING: How to properly package and price the service and ‘down shift sell’, so you come out of ever meeting with check in hand.
  • FULFILLMENT: How to properly fulfill and manage the entire program with ease.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: How properly do social media marketing ‘the right way’ for restaurants. Posting schedule, framework, how to do it with scale.


  • SEQUENCE MARKETING: How to use sequence marketing to amplify the results for you clients.
  • AUTOMATION: How to combine our softwares to flat out crush it for restaurants! You’ll love how we seamlessly tie it all together.
  • THE SYSTEM: How to properly set up an automated system that cranks out amazing results with little effort.
  • BOTS: How to leverage bots with restaurant advertising to drive more customers.
  • GROUPON: How to go even deeper and help your client get on Groupon so they can generate even more business… Then we tie the results into the restaurant growth program, so they get even better results!


  • Email Sequence method: I’ll provide the detailed scripts and multiple email approaches you can use to prospect with authority from email.
  • Presentation Template: You’ll get a DFY slide deck presentation so you can sell this service quickly and easily
  • Step-by-step Fulfillment Checklist: You’ll get the detailed workflow to ensure everything is done right when setting up your client for the restaurant program. Onboarding, processes, etc.

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