Zapier: FB Lead Ads to Contact Reach Workaround Flow

Today we are going to dive into a workaround for adding FB lead Ads to Contact Reach via Zapier.

If the Zapier connection between FB Lead Ads and Contact Reach stops working for some reason despite multiple tests and reconnection, the first step would be to reach out to support and let them have a look. It’d be great to share your Zapier login credentials with them in your first email to speed up the process.

Meanwhile, there’s a workaround that you can utilize to keep the connection between FB Lead Ads and Contact Reach working. It’s by using Google Sheets.

Below are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1:  First, create a Google Sheet spreadsheet with the following column fields:

– First Name

– Last Name

– Email

– Phone

– Date

– FB Lead Form Name –  (to track which FB lead form that lead came from but not needed for Contact Reach).

Status – (To note whether the leads were successfully uploaded to Contact Reach or not – it’s a manual entry and not necessary for Contact Reach).

Step 2:  Create a Zap connecting FB Lead Ads (For Business Admins) to the Google Sheet.

The trigger is: New Lead in Facebook Lead Ads (for Business admins)

The action is: Create Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets.

So what’s happening is that each time a new FB Lead Ad lead comes in, it’s added to the Google Sheet by creating a new row on the Google Sheet with the FB Leads data/info.

Step 3: Mapped out each FB Lead Ad field to the corresponding field on the Google Sheet.

E.g. First name –> First name, Last name –> Last name etc.

Step 4: Create another Zap connecting Google Sheets to Contact Reach, so that each new subscriber added to a Google Sheet row will also be added to Contact Reach as a new subscriber.

Trigger: Create subscriber in Contact Reach when new spreadsheet row in Google Sheets

Action: Create Subscriber in Contact Reach

In essence, Google Sheets then becomes a lead source for Contact Reach.

FB Lead Ads —> Google Sheets —>Contact Reach


We hope this tutorial has given you all the insight you need and if you need any assistance during this process please reach out to our support team HERE.

*Please allow 24-48 hrs for response time

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