CouponReach-Subscription Model

We've implemented the ability to establish a subscription payment model, enabling users to utilize voucher-type campaigns and set up recurring payments seamlessly.

To configure this feature in Standalone Vouchers, users should navigate to the Voucher settings within Voucher Campaign Properties. Within the Payment settings, a new option titled "Payment type" has been introduced.

Opting for the "One Time" payment type will guarantee that the payments made by subscribers do not initiate a recurring payment cycle.

Choosing the "Recurring" payment type will unlock additional configuration options.

The "Recurring type" will manage the payment frequency

Instructional help text corresponding to the selected Payment gateway will be displayed.

Upon completion of the setup process, customer purchases will automatically generate a subscription in either Stripe or PayPal.

For Directory Voucher campaigns, the "Recurring Type" is still controlled in the Properties Payment settings

While the "Payment Type" is managed individually within the Payment Settings of the Voucher Creator

If you have any further questions please contact support support@mylocalagency.co

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