3 Local Marketing Tips Most Businesses Haven’t Tried

By Jason Bell / September 2, 2017

Studies have consistently shown that around 80 percent of local mobile searches lead to a purchase within one day. This statistic alone showcases how important local marketing is. It’s so important, in fact, that most businesses engage in this promotional tactic in one way or another. And while they may think they have a strong strategy, there’s a good chance they haven’t tried the following local marketing tricks.

Use Facebook to Share Online Reviews

A full 88 percent of people trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. This raises the question of why business owners aren’t sharing these reviews on social media. It’s easy enough to take a quick screencap and upload it to Facebook. This will remind people exactly why they followed in the first place while bringing in new customers through engagement.

Get Creative with Social Responsibility

At this point, it’s close to common knowledge that displaying social responsibility is a great way to attract local customers. And while donating time or money is always a plus, getting creative with social responsibility can pay increased dividends.

If a charity event is approaching, for instance, a business owner could print out certificates promising a $5 donation to the charity if the certificate is redeemed at the business along with a $15 purchase. Instead of just impressing consumers with philanthropy, this will motivate them to come in.

Create Content Relevant to the Area

It seems obvious that content should be focused on the business or industry that created it. This is true, but another great local marketing tool is to create non-related content that’s focused on the surrounding area.

For example, hotels can post content related to local attractions, wedding planners could post about nearby tuxedo rentals, and restaurants could post about locally-sourced food providers. This will let people know that the site is a local resource, and search engines will recognize this as well.

Local businesses must engage in local marketing. After all, it’s in the name. Only using the same techniques as everyone else, though, can prove fruitless. Just a little thinking outside of the box can go a long way.

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