How to easily talk about your business and get more appointments fast!

By Jason Bell / August 13, 2019

The Agenda

Below I’ll provide you a step-by-step framework that will allow you to easily explain your business to potential prospects, so more businesses will want to work with you.

You can use this framework in all types of content such as:


-Face to face communication at networking events.

-Blog posts.

-Social media posts: linkedin and Facebook.

-Speaking engagements when you’re talking to business owners.


The key takeaway of this framework is all about getting 100% CLEAR on your ideal clients, and how you will help them. 


As we go through this framework, make sure to do EVERY step, so you can land more appointments and become the go-to person businesses look for when they need your services. 


Let’s begin!


A common fallacy marketing consultants believe is thinking EVERY business is an ideal client for them.

This thinking is problematic because there’s no way you can be everything to everyone.


It’s almost impossible to know every industry’s:

-Key problems and challenges they need solved.

-Key desires and what they want more of.

-The language of the industry so you can match your message to their market.


So, as we go through this framework, I want you to do this exercise with the notion of helping only ONE industry.


Even if you help multiple niches, focus on one… Cool?


Ok, let’s continue..



Take a moment to answer the following questions, and feel free to get

a notepad with pen & paper, or open a notepad on your computer to do this exercise.


1-Who do you help? (niche)

2-What do you help them do? (outcomes)

3-Why do you do it? (reason for serving your niche)


If  you need help crystallizing the above questions, then

it’s important we go deeper, so you truly understand  your 

target market.



1-What are their top 2-3 challenges? (what they want solved)

2-What are their core desires? (what do they want more of)

3-What would be the #1 most impactful result you could help them achieve? (even if there’s several, what would be an important one)

4-What key benefits and outcomes will they now have as a result of your work?

*Take a moment to answer this before continuing.



Now that you know who you’re helping (niche), what you help them do (service/speciality), why you do it (the reason), the challenges your industry faces, what their core desires are, the most impactful result you could help them achieve, and the key outcomes and benefits they will have as a result of your work, it’s now time to work with only the VERY BEST clients that will stay with you long term, and will happily pay for your services.


…And how do you do that?

One impactful question I learned from Frank kern:

If you could get paid ONLY after you delivered the results you promise, what are the important characteristics your client must have in order for you to work with them?

Meaning, what qualifiers/criteria must the potential client have, so it would make the work you do a guaranteed success for the client?


Let’s do an example step-by-step:

NICHE-WHO DO I HELP: non-franchise local Restaurants. 

WHAT I HELP THEM WITH: Generate new customers and more repeat business.

WHY I HELP THEM: small business owners often are not privileged with advertising backing and inside marketing and advertising channels like franchises, and my goal is to empower the local owner, so they can have a thriving business that continues to show growth. 

CHALLENGES: Keeping the restaurant full during non-peak hours, marketing that actually works and is effective, reaching new customers, getting existing customers to come more often.

DESIRES: More new customers, more repeat business, more butts in seats on slow days, more top of mind awareness.

THE MOST IMPACTFUL OUTCOME I CAN HELP THEM ACHIEVE: Generate new customers through the use of birthday marketing via social media advertising.

KEY BENEFITS AS A RESULT OF MY WORK: They will have more brand awareness. They will have a generate new customers on a consistent basis. They will generate more repeat business from existing customers. 



In order to help my potential client achieve great results, they must have the following qualifiers:

1-Must actively advertise.

2-Does not have a vip club (aka-customer database).

3-Does not have a birthday club.

4-Is open to coupons/discounts.


So, if I approach a business that understands the value of advertising, does coupons/discounts, and does not have a vip or birthday club, this is a business that i’m 100% confident I can help generate great results with my services by simply adding these growth systems.

I know this is a simple example, but business should be simple. 


Does that make sense?


Once you are 100% clear on your core niche and how you can help them, it then becomes easier to not only talk about your business with confidence, but also become desired by your ideal clients.

Every business owner wants to feel you understand their industry. 


It’s also one of the fastest paths to catapult you as an industry expert and authority in your space, quickly earn trust and credibility with potential clients, and also to generate more appointments. 


So, if you’re having trouble getting more appointments and clients, then I encourage you to do the exercise above.

Happy selling!



RESOURCE: A good book that explains getting more appointments is called ‘Book yourself Sold’. Highly recommend it.

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