How to sell more effectively

In this video, I go over common situations that arise in a selling environment: > Objections> Proper way to frame a meeting.> Mistakes a lot of consultants make that cause mistrust with your prospects.> How to eliminate prospects from posturing and rushing you.> Effective ways to sell that increase your likely hood of closing sales.  Enjoy 🙂 -Jason

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What do I charge for my services?

Pricing: the most common question we routinely receive on our end. -What do I charge? -Is ___ price too much or too low? -How do I properly price my services? This video give you a breakdown on how to properly price your services. Feel free to share if you get value.  *The video rendered with a squeaky audio in some […]

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I’m sure you’ve heard about GDPR, a European privacy law (GDPR) will go into effect on May 25, 2018. Over the last 6 weeks we’ve been working hard on this end to put the proper measures in place to ensure our software platform is in compliance, so you have a secure and safe place for you […]

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[Part3] Internal marketing for profit

Let’s get right to it! The past two days i’ve revealed to you the ‘blue ocean’ service you can and should be selling immediately – INTERNAL MARKETING. You should now know the core benefits of why internal marketing works and why it’s a perfect fit for any service you provide. It just makes sense. If you are not caught […]

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How to do internal marketing the right way

Howdy! Jason here, and this is part 2 of leveraging a ‘blue ocean’ strategy to land local clients. If you missed yesterday’s email, make sure to view PART 1 HERE before continuing.  A QUICK RECAP I revealed one of the most neglected areas that local businesses rarely focus on, in addition to consultants as a means for growth. Internal marketing, also known as […]

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Inside My Local Agency

Ongoing Communication My Local Agency: This is our local brand. This is the platform we share ALL info local. Blogs, interviews, video, etc.. We’ll share a lot of our local content on mylocalagency.co WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: We send a weekly newsletter on info about new blog posts, educational info, software updates, what’s working now, etc.. We […]

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A quick story of how I accidentally prospected a restaurant. I was bumming it that day. No shave, no fancy ‘business clothes’, truly wasn’t looking to prospect. The key takeaway from this story is to always be ready. Always be ready to confidently talk about your business, and how you can help businesses grow. Be […]

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